Our Story

Jacoby Plunges is an Austin-based social wellness club dedicated to starting your mornings with a invigorating plunge. We connect growth-minded and driven individuals who believe in pushing limits and embracing challenges. Our community thrives on building resilience, fostering meaningful connections, and igniting each day with purpose. 

​Our mission is simple: meet new people, push your limits, and start your day off right.

Cold Plunge Benefits

Heal your Body

Cold exposure reduces inflammation, speeds up recovery, improves circulation and triggers your lymphatic system, which flushes waste and toxins and stimulates your immune system!

Boost your Metabolism

Being cold not only increases your metabolism in the short term, it also encourages the production of brown fat, which keeps your metabolism high and helps regulate your body temperature!

Improve your Mood

Choosing to endure the cold helps you build resilience that will carry over into other areas of your life. It also gives you a natural boost in endorphins, adrenaline, norepinephrine and dopamine!